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1. Fire management policy and environmental NGO movement: critical contemporary perspectives, indicators and prospects in savannas, Ghana. GeoJournal  71(2-3):159-170,

2. “How can revenues from natural resources extraction be more efficiently utilized for local sustainable development?”.  Natural Resources Forum 33, (3) 245–249, August 2009.

3. Decongestion and development in central Accra:can AMA succeed? In: The New Legon Observer, 2008, 2(13):17-19.

4. The sustainability of savanna ecosystem services: fire policy challenges, participation and agro-sociological opportunities [ Accepted abstract]

5. Advancing sustainability in developing world: multi-ingredients (dis)connecting people, policy and praxis from Ghana and Africa. Graduate Standard Press: Kumasi, pp x+135.

Media and short publication activities
1. My comment was selected out of 64 published comments online to participate in a Live Debate on BBC World Service on an interesting question: “Should Africa fear climate change?”;

Other research and outreach/networking activity links online

1. A baseline research work undertaken with support from Richard Boateng (PhD) on “Enhancing urban livelihoods through mobile phones: the case of m-business in Ghana” is published on PCTECH MAGAZINE;

2. Locating urban and peri-urban agriculture in sustainable management of youth crisis in savannas (2011).

3. Time for urban development ministry? Daily Graphic April 05,  2010.

4. Upscaling social innovation in energy for a sustainable low carbon economy.

5. Collective stewardship: reconnecting sustainability values to restoring coastal landscapes.



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