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Moving on 2017

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I am pleased to learn that you are excited during this festive moment, which marks rebirth of hope. The expectations at Seedinglives have been met concerning the Good News for 2016. This has been possible because of your support, companion and kindness to us. We have seen geospread of life-changing information over continents. And, within a relatively short period, ‘seedinglives’ has reached incredible places and amazing peoples. Our readership is now in 57 countries and is still expanding.

Besides readership, there have been traits of remarkable impact of our advocacy activities – initiative in the banking sector to take a token as a way of resolving city congestion, emergence of gender policy, magnificent improvements at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, and shift in the remuneration packages for organised NGO workers.

In 2017, we will continue to pursue the goal of creating sustainability and its awareness as well as shared climate solutions. How resilient is the food system? Are there opportunities associated with socio-ecological change? The thematic areas of advocacy and knowledge formation will include inequality, urban living, reskilling youth capacity, green industry and sustainability drivers. The Seeder Action will be extended to new troubled families. As part of this, we will convey meaning of human values in nurturing a sustainable society as is influenced by faith, network, technology, science and culture. Last week, I returned from an eventful assignment in Stockholm where I realised how much nations of the world would need one another in order to achieve inclusiveness and the SDGs, especially rising to the challenge of attaining decarbonised lives within the overall global sustainability. What is even more profoundly obvious is the growing relevance of human cooperation rather than institutional partnerships and ‘paper’ agreements.

What is it that matters most for humans? How can the needs of people be known? Recently, I met indigenous people who harvested fresh Mangifera indica from one of the world’s uncontaminated biospheres. This gives real hope that all is not lost because wherever one finds himself or herself there is chance to ‘reconnect’ to nature. Whatever the situation or location I invite you to sustainably co-move with us in bettering lives and nourishing the planet in 2017 and beyond. Be part of what we do at Seedinglives where we are glad to see people live good lives.

Thank you. And, a Happy New Year!


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