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Good News, 2016

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cropped-sdan.jpgFresh dew sprinkles on our skins, faces and nourishes our inner nerves with renewed spirit, love and sustainability intelligence. Reflecting on the past under the ancient Adansonia digitata tree and carefully looking into the future present good news and opportunities. One of the good news is that our readership continues to increase.

Initially, the reliance on benevolent resources of the ‘’ has enabled us to reach audience in forty-four (44) countries within a relatively short time. Isn’t that remarkable? I am humbled.

The challenges of exo-digital attack on our laptops; modems, cameras, planners, and pen drives; and diverting undisclosed sum of money as well as concept proposal data theft through digital violence inversely worth in excess of €5.57 million (less than 36 months) was damaging to our works and lives. Yet, providing essential services that refreshingly build minds, stimulate innovative policies, support decisions and ignite research curiosity have been successful and tasseled into sustainability benefits. Se!

In the New Year, good news will be sorted from practical interventions in thematic areas of sustainability, climate change, green wealth & jobs, food justice and living sustainably in cities all of which will point to making the UN SDGs a reality and redressing its transitional thresholds. This will mean partnering and integrating innovative solutions to re-actualize plans and communicate sustainability ingredients in smarter contexts that are useful to diverse audience – doing away with hunger and poverty.

In practice, I am aiming to do two auxiliary things this year depending on resource availability. The first thing is the decision to expand the our ‘Seeder Action’ of creating empathy, voice and bringing hope, liberation and smile in ‘troubled families’ facing tough life risks. Seeder Action targets roughly 30,000 children and youth in line with the agenda 2030. Offering sustainability resources and services to ‘seeder’ beneficiaries will form part of reaching deprived lives. Our New Dawn Resolutions aim to bring excluded people under the global umbrella of SDGs. Your ‘gift seed’ can help us to rescue, improve and sustain human lives and care for nature.

As part of milling and sieving good news, we will create sustainability awareness and advocate SDGs in the midst of ignorance, resistance and invisibly opposing forces to it.

I am convinced that no human consumes now. What a person does now is a past product for consumption in the future. What a person consumes now is a product that originated from the past – this is the taproot of the sustainability (or SD) inclination, drive and conviction.


Whenever hungry people are fed everywhere and they are no longer living in hunger conditions; unemployed youth have access to decent jobs; soil/land is not degraded; children are safe from fires, floods and diseases; and everyone is living in flourishing environments resilient against climate change shocks that will be compelling good news to share.

Saying thank you to all our readers, benefactors and you! Happy and prosperous New Year!


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