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It is well, 2015

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SeedhillThe previous year was a year to stumble and rebuild nerves. Yet our footsteps in 2014 were ‘hiddenly’ remarkable. The readership has grown by 35 per cent. Thus, the coverage of discerning readers has expanded from 25 countries to 35 countries. Our knowledge services helped to stimulate reshaping of a number of public policies and institutional arrangements. The readjustment of remuneration in charity sectors has seen improvement and some state institutions have initiated new development policy measures. The book on “Advancing sustainability in developing world” was successfully published and currently undergoing further revision and expansion. We forecast 2015 as a year of creating sustainability ingredients to variably do away with extreme hunger and enhance community wellness in poorly underserviced societies. This will require eliminating repression, inequality and insecurity a bit by bit. Adopting a goodwill view of the world to enhancing human-environment security will form part of our curiosity in grinding ingredients to build a sustainable society.

As part of leveraging our ‘knowledge philanthropism’, we will voluntarily participate in the evaluation of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), including active articulation of emerging global debates, which are likely to give birth to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in whatever infinitesimal way feasible. With the SDGs, the policy mechanism for delivering the goods and services at the community level will be our focus.

Generally, our proclivity to sustainability still remains solidly high. Along this line, the thematic issues for 2015 are food security dynamism, urbanisation benefits and risks (decongestion & hunger), green jobs and pro-poor youth innovation. Geographically, our services will incline to rural-urban systems of West Africa. We will hold firm to the realisation of the “zero hunger challenge”. Even if it takes putting just one ‘green seed’ of Oryza sativa, Manihot utilissima, Mangifera indica or others into the soil, we will do it to sustain human lives. As long as widespread hunger and insecurity exists, the attainment of sustainability is questioned. It is not possible to celebrate sustainability.


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