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Congratulations and happenings in 2014

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Prosperous New Year and congratulations! “Seedinglives” celebrate 1 year anniversary this month.  We are excited by the many opportunities 2014 will present to humanity despite foreseeable hitches, which ill-advised decisions, climate change, service inequality and hunger may cause in sustainably harnessing the opportunities.

In 2013, we have had a bright but challenging start, receiving a diversity of discerning readers from 25 countries globally. With selflessness and virtually no funding support from government and non-government institutions, we suffered from hacking and open harassment. As we enter a New Year, we hope to improve quality, fellowship and broaden scope of articulating real-life ingredients of SD. Communicating, innovating and replicating what makes people live securely and sustainably will be our focus. Transformative urbanism, linking communities, families and peoples with natural food systems, and subject of sustainability leadership will be pursued collaboratively at the community, organisational and urban policy levels. In practice, we are interested in implementing “solutions” to advance people’s lives and NOT the “problems” of people.


The death of the Nobel Laureate, Nelson Mandela, is still fresh in our memories – particularly when at “Seedinglives” we are sensitive and concerned about the rising blackmails, brutalities, abuses and inequalities being caused by transcyber violence (digital apartheid). In 2014, it is our hope that international and grassroots communities will listen and increase investment into the fight against cyber violence, food justice, poverty and environmental ills as part of promoting sustainable society for all.


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